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MAGLITE Solitaire AAA LED Flashlight black


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    The iconic SJ3A016 (Black) MAGLITE Solitaire AAA LED Flashlight by Maglite ,is designed to fit perfectly on your key chain, backpack or purse. Not only is it known for its legendary performance and excellent craftsmanship quality (there's nothing else that has been nor will ever be designed like it), but since it was introduced in 1988, it quickly rose to iconic status. Now that your mobile phone is pretty much your lifeline these days, you don't want to drain its battery using it as a light in any situation. Your phone is your lifeline. Don't kill it! Have a Solitaire LED Flashlight on you, at all times, whenever you need that extra light in any occasion. For a really small flashlight, it offers a beam throw at 46 meters! And it will run nonstop for almost 2 hours on just 1 AAA battery. It comes in several colors so you can pick one that fits your style and make your statement! Get one for yourself, your friends, your family, whoever you can think of!

    Technical features:
    - Water Resistant: Yes, IPx7
    - Drop Resistance: 2 meters
    - Light Source: LED
    - Lumens: 47
    - Beam distance: 46 meters
    - Peak Beam Intensity: 539 cd
    - Run Time High: 1h45min
    - Run Time Low: -
    - Run Time Eco: -
    - Power Management: Yes, basic
    - Battery type: AAA
    - Rechargeable flashlight: No
    - Head Diameter: 12.70 mm
    - Barrel Diameter: 12.70 mm
    - Length: 81 mm
    - Package: Blister
    - Color: Black
    - Warranty: TEN (10) YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY*

    Package includes:
    - Key lead
    - AAA premium alkaline battery


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MAGLITE Solitaire AAA LED Flashlight black

MAGLITE Solitaire AAA LED Flashlight black

46m Beam Distande

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