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Fernbedienung für alle Panasonic Fernseher

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    The IR remote control JOLLY LINE REPLACEMENT PANASONIC is pre-programmed and ready for use on PANASONIC television sets.

    Technical features:

    - IR remote control for all PANASONIC* TV sets
    - Ready to use , no need for programming and configuration
    - Batteries (2x AAA 1.5V) are not included
    - Dimensions: 22,5 x 5 x 2 cm
    - Package: paper
    - Warranty: 2 years

    * PANASONIC brand name belongs solely to Panasonic Corporation. It is mentioned here only for consumer information and support purposes. There is an extremely small percentage that some PANASONIC TV models or fuctions are not supported completely. Please contact us in case this situation occurs.


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Fernbedienung für alle Panasonic Fernseher

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