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MAG-250 Micro Konsole IPTV SET TOP BOX


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    IPTV/OTT set-top box MAG-250 Micro

    IPTV stb Mag-250 Micro


    MAG250 Micro set-top box is our most popular solution combining the widest technical capabilities demanded by broadband operators with unrivalled user-friendliness for end consumers interested in interactive digital TV.

    Supporting video streaming, video on demand, and HD quality for digital channels (Full HD 1080р), MAG250 meet all up-to-date requirements for multimedia solutions.

    External Interfaces

    MAG250 is equipped with 2 USB ports for easy connection of a Wi-Fi adaptor and wireless Internet access, media content playback from video and photo cameras and other media devices, recording to external storage media. HDMI and S/PDIF outputs provide the best audio and video quality.

    Internal Portal

    JavaScript API-based internal portal presents the most important functions of MAG250 set-top box: audio and/or video content playback from LAN or the Internet, handling subtitles and different transport protocols, UPnP, SAMBA, audio track selection, video window control, set-top box configure and set-up.

    Copyright and Access Management

    MAG250 is integrated with global systems of content protection including Secure Media. The device supports remote control, monitoring and set up (partly using JavaScript API).


    IPTV stb MAG250 Micro

    IPTV stb MAG250 Micro


    256 MB
    Flash memory
    256 MB
    Operating system
    linux 2.6.23
    External Interfaces
    Audio output S / PDIF, HDMI 1.3 (rear), USB 2.0 (1 front and 1 rear), Composite + Stereo A / V output (Micro jack connector on the rear), Ethernet, 100Mb / s (rear) connector for power supply 5V (rear), LED-display (front panel)
    Sources of media content
    External Hard Drive (USB), USB devices (USB flash drive, USB-card reader, etc.), PC and NAS in local network (SMB, NFS, UPnP, HTTP), other Internet and local television networks (HTTP, multicast UDP / RTP), video streaming services are fully supported
    The Web browser
    DRM option
    Secure Media
    Video modes
    Video codecs
    MPEG1 / 2 MP @ HL, H.264 HP @ level 4.1, MPEG4 part 2 (ASP), WMV-9 (optional), VC1 video, XviD; HD video supporting (up to 40 Mbit / s and above)
    Video formats
    MKV,MPEG-TS,MPEG-PS, M2TS, VOB, AVI, MOV, MP4, ASF, QT, WMV (optional)
    Audio codecs
    MPEG-1 layer I / II, MPEG-2 layer II, MPEG-2 layer III (mp3), MPEG-2 AAC (optional), MPEG-4 AAC LC 2-ch/5.1ch (optional), MPEG-4 AAC + SBR 2-h/5.1ch (optional), Dolby Digital
    Audio Formats
    MP3, MPA, M4A, WMA (optional), Ogg, WAV,AC3,AAC
    Image formats
    DVB, SRT (support coming soon), built-in text
    Playlist formats
    File Systems
    FAT16/32, NTFS (read), NFS, Ext2, Ext3
    10/100 Mbit / s
    Optional USB WIFI dongle (not included), a list of tested compatible dongles: Mag-250-doc )
    Stream media protocols
    fully compatible with the MAG100, MAG250, MAG250 (P) (API JS, API C) 
    built-in media portal functionality with IPTV 
    HTTP 1.1, HTML 4.01 XHTML 1.0/1.1 
    DOM 1, 2, 3, CSS 1, 2, 3 
    XML 1.0, XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0 
    SOAP 1.1 
    JavaScript ECMA-262, revision 5 
    Media JavaScript API 
    C layer SDK
    Middleware supported
    Stalker, OFT-Media, Netup, SmartLabs, Netris, ZTE
    Supports VoD
    espial-Kasenna, Bitband, ARRIS (C-COR), Live555
    Dimensions (w/d/h), mm.
    Weight, gr.
    156 (with packaging: 620)
    Packing list
    MAG250 Micro set-top box, user manual, Micro jack cable at the RCA (A / V); power adapter 5V 1.5A, remote control, 2 AA batteries, packaging.
    1 year


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MAG-250 Micro Konsole IPTV SET TOP BOX

MAG-250 Micro Konsole IPTV SET TOP BOX


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